Danube Cup International Finals: 21 April, 2021
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary
Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

About Danube Cup

Danube Cup is an entrepreneurial pitch competition designed to support the commercialization of R&D results of university labs along the Danube River. The event dates back to 2015 originally starting as a competition between Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) and Corvinus University of Budapest, and expanding into an international event in 2019.

This year’s cup hosts teams from 7 universities of 4 different countries; Hungary, Austria, Serbia and Germany. The final pitch event is to be streamed online. Danube Cup 2021  also features talks, workshops and networking events.

Over the past decade, several Hungarian university projects have grown into renowned companies – examples include Neticle, Tresorit, BookrKids, and Zyntern. We cannot wait for you and your team to join this prominent list of ventures.

We are looking for teams that have already performed market research for their ideas, at least locally. Competitors receive expert feedback, and the best teams are awarded generous prizes to be able to grow their businesses, as well as mentorship and investment opportunities.

What do we offer?

Danube Cup provides business concepts that have already gained market validation locally with an international platform. It offers a chance to be seen on possible new markets, and to be validated internationally by receiving feedback by experts and other teams before the prototype is finalized.


For the winners of the Hungarian pre-selection in December 2020: in cooperation with Startit@K&H and Demola Innovation Lab. 


We will award the best ideas with generous prize money and mentorship option. 


Participants, entrepreneurs, mentors, sponsors and investors will find the opportunity of meeting each other during the conference sessions, coffee breaks, and other activities.


Selected startup teams may receive invitation to investment talks from distinguished angel and VC investors.

International Partners

It is the ultimate goal of Danube Cup 2021 pitch competition to build an international and sustainable network between the universities with management education along the Danube so that both students and lecturers can benefit in the long term.
The Cooperating Universities for Danube Cup 2021 are:

Organizing Committee


Co-Founder, Chairman



Project Manager



Project Manager

Demola Budapest


Founder, Project Manager






Communication and Brand



Project Office






International Relations


Steering Committee

Danube Cup provides business concepts that have already gained market validation locally with an international platform. It offers a chance to be seen on possible new markets, and to be validated internationally by receiving feedback by experts and other teams before the prototype is finalized.

Meet the Teams

Hungarian Teams

On 4th of December 2020, we successfully held the Danube Cup Hungarian pre-selection in Budapest. Out of the 8 selected pitching teams, 4 advanced to the April final: 2 teams from Budapest University of Technology and Economics amd 2 from Corvinus University of Budapest.


CoWriters is creating a user friendly Collaborative Writing site developed to fulfill the players needs.
Collaborative writing is a text-based roleplaying game where the plot of the story is driven by the posts the players write from the view of their own characters.
Their specialities are auxiliary features that make roleplaying easier and the marketplace where people with the same interestcan exchange. They are an enthusiastic team of experienced players, who gained expertise with many joyful years of playing. They know their fellows and what they want.


Bødjørk is producing reusable nets for microgreen farmers which eliminate the growingmedia cost. Microgreen farmers spend more than 10% of their revenue for growing medias. With Bødjørk's solution they turn the fix costs into one investment cost which returns in 6 months.


Team Bögre is making preservative-free, long-lasting soup in varied seasonable flavors packed in eco-friendly 400ml plastic bags. The soups are made from “ugly” vegetables, which are as fresh and vitamin-rich as their perfect-shaped siblings on the shelves of the supermarkets, but usually cheaper. In this way, Bögre would like to increase the sustainability of Hungarian agriculture and add more value to this segment. Have a pack of Bögre soup in your pantry!


EduFund is a FinTech platform that focuses on supporting students to continue their higher education by offering funding opportunities along the way. EduFund is trained with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to guide students to better spending actions while making all transactional information available at any time.

International Finals' Teams

Registration to Danube Cup Finals is ongoing. It will be revealed soon what teams will be participating in the competition, please check back later!

Finals 2021

The finals of Danube Cup 2021 are to be held in two rounds throughout April, the first one being a semi-final event on April 8 with all fourteen teams delegated by the seven participating universities. Teams will be evaluated by the jury quantitatively, first in the morning, then once again in the afternoon. Between the two sessions, all teams will have the chance to improve their entrepreneurial pitches with the help of their own or Danube Cup-assigned coaches.  At the end of the day, the jury chooses one team from each university to proceed to the final event.

The second and final round of Danube Cup 2021 is to be held on April 21 in the framework of Budapest Startup Safari. Presenting the final version of their pitches are the seven teams selected to move forward from the semi-final.
Startup Safari is the biggest yearly event for Hungary’s startup ecosystem, which naturally includes and holds in great regard international participants as well. The festival aims to promote knowledge sharing through different formats between the members of the ecosystem, and the official program includes talks, panels and interactive workshops. Other than the official agenda, it is a great networking opportunity, as every year it is a focus of startups, incubators, accelerators, mentors and investors, as well as corporations.
Due to the pandemic, this year’s three-day event is to be streamed online between 21-23 April with over 150 sessions with expert participants. Startup Safari organizes its program into parallel thematic ‘journeys’ that guests can attend throughout the three days, and we are proud to say that Danube Cup 2021 has its own journey within the festival on 21 April!The highlight of the Danube Cup journey is the final pitch competition from 15:15 to 18:00. However, the day will be packed with truly valuable and exciting talks from successful startups and experts with ties to our participating universities. So don’t miss out, tune in from as early as 9 in the morning!

Join the Danube Cup Journey!

Our program plan for April 21 will be posted here soon, please check back later!

Startup Stages

We focus on startups in the “validation” phase. You may hear various terms for this, but it really boils down to the question: should I invest any more of my time or money into developing this business idea? Who are my customers? What are their preferences? How can I reach out to them? In the simplest of terms, startups in this phase validate ACTUAL customer behavior. Since the final and ultimate goal of startups is international growth, we are convinced that startups should begin international validation and networking as early as possible.

Interested when a startup arrives in the validation phase? Take a look at Professor János Vecsenyi's 12-step map, which shows how a startup can get from having an idea to entering the market.

All Danube Cup competing teams, and start-ups in general, need to develop their own business concept, for which you can find help by clicking on the link below.

Business Concept Map

Rules of application

In order to be chosen to compete by their respective universities, applicants must meet the following requirements:

Team size:
Teams must have 3-5 members in total. Each participant can only be a member of one team.

Student teams:
Teams may contain non-university member participants. However, at least 75% of the team should be composed of registered university (undergraduate, graduate or PhD) students, and at least one of them should be registered at the participating university.

Young projects:
Teams must present an original idea for an enterprise that did not exist before 2020. Teams must be in a “pre-incubator” stage and must not have received funding from professional third-party accelerators, incubators, existing companies or venture capitalists.

Business concepts:
We are calling for business concepts that are original, innovative, and have high growth potential on an international platform independently of local market trends as far as possible.

We place great value on market validation and are looking for teams that have already performed some form of validation research (interviews, surveys, user research data and trend analysis, competitive analysis etc.) for their ideas, at least locally. This event is not an idea competition. However, an existing prototype is not a requirement for the application, even though it would greatly help the understanding and visualization of the solution.


Wether you are a startup team who is planning to apply to the competition or a startup enthusiast and want to join us in this journey, here are some important dates to keep in mind.

11:59 PM
Registration deadline
The universities are responsible to guide and help the TWO nominated teams to register to the competition and to make sure they have filled out the registration form.
March -
Get in touch with the Teams
Establish communication, communicate expectations towards teams.
16:00 - 17:30 (CET)
Partner Universities Meeting
We will be discussing the competition details and future cooperation options among the universities, beyond Danube Cup.
April -
Getting ready for the Semi-Final
Personalized feedback from the organizers, preparation for the Semi-Finals
10:00 - 18:00 (CET)
Danube Cup Semi-Final
A Semi-Final takes place online. At the end of the day, only 1 team from each university will be selected to go on to the finals.
April -
Getting ready for the Finals
On-demand training for the 7 selected teams.
14:00 - 18:00 (CET)
Danube Cup 2021 International Pitch Competition Finals
The Big Day within the framework of Startup Safari Budapest! The 7 promoted teams (1 team/each university) will be performing in front of our renowned jury members.

Sponsors & Partners

Meet Our friends, partners and supporters who are enthusiastic about young entrepreneurs and believe in the mission of Danube Cup 2021 to build an international and sustainable network between the universities along the Danube.

Sponsorship Packages

Danube Cup is a unique chance to display your brand in an international university environment on various platforms online and offline.
Get recognized by thousands of students, lecturers, mentors, community members and established entrepreneurs.
Associate your company with empowerment, change, innovation and entrepreneurship, but most importantly, your sponsorship will help to train future generations to solve problems and create opportunities.
Our sponsorship packages are designed to create strategic partnerships, educate student entrepreneurs and fund pitch competitions.

Ready to invest in young talent?

Enthusiastic about young entrepreneurs, and keen to help them realise their full potential on an international platform? If you see the value in our initiative, and want to have an impact on the Central European startup ecosystem, drop us an email, let’s talk: info@danubecup.net

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Professional Partners


Danube Cup has received widespread attention from the media for its uniqueness for being the first student-focused pitch competition for universities along the Danube! Here are some of of the articles about the competition in the Hungarian and English language.

English Press

Hungarian Press

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